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December 03, 2021 2 min read

The idea of buying Canadian-made clothing is wonderful in theory, but the reality is that these clothes tend to be more expensive than the items you can buy at big box stores, so shopping for domestically made clothes is not always easy. Most Canadians would love to buy clothing made right here at home, but it’s not as affordable as the clothes you can buy at big box stores, which is why people turn away from this option. But why is this the case?

Type and Quality of Materials Available

If you were to read the labels on every piece of clothing in your closet, you will likely find that no more than one to two pieces are made in Canada. Some people may not have anything that’s made in Canada, and that is because the majority of clothing that is purchased in our country is imported from overseas because it’s much more affordable to buy and sell these products than it is to invest in Canadian made clothing as there is a decrease in investors when it comes to Canadian clothing designers and brands. This means it is extremely difficult for designers to make clothes as there is no help in terms of support and manufacturing, so not many people can take on this kind of operation on their own. The truth is that other countries can manufacture clothing much more easily and at much lower costs, so Canadian designers will find it very challenging to be successful and to survive in today’s fashion industry.

Better Work Environment

Simply put, clothing made in Canada costs a lot more than foreign-made apparel, and labour is the key reason. A garment worker in Bangladesh, for example, will receive a lot less because their minimum wage is lower than what it is here in Canada, so manufacturing costs will naturally be higher here at home. These expensive costs will, unfortunately, be passed down to the consumer. The few people who can afford it will have access to great, quality pieces of clothing and will contribute to the fair wage and safer working conditions that Canadian workers receive, but the problem is that a lot of consumers cannot support the Canadian fashion industry, no matter how much they want to because it’s just too expensive when you compare the pricing to big box stores.

Don’t Worry, More Affordable Clothing is on the Way!

The good news is there is a growing demand for locally made goods, so you will be able to get your hands on Canadian-made clothing as it will likely become less challenging over time. This is especially true now that more and more people are getting tired of throwaway clothing, so there is more support when it comes to shopping locally, which is a great sign for Canadians.

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