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April 28, 2022 3 min read

Sustainable fashion is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but few people know what this actually means, especially when it comes to their wardrobe. Shopping for clothes is fun, but it’s imperative to be aware of what you are buying and how your purchase will affect people, animals and our planet. We all have a responsibility to impact our environment positively, and your sustainability journey can start with your wardrobe.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

The reality is that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries globally, which impacts millions of people around the globe, so it's a must that shoppers make better fashion choices to protect our environment. It’s essential to look and feel good, but it is equally important to do good, and sustainable fashion can help make a significant impact. A bit of research will allow you to build an eco-conscious wardrobe.

Sustainable fashion means finding a balance when designing, consuming and manufacturing clothes while avoiding the depletion of natural resources. It also means avoiding the exploitation of both individuals and communities, and this approach must be maintained in the long run so that the production and consumption of clothes and accessories do not harm humans or our planet. The fashion industry has to find ways to create goods without causing any damage to people, animals or the earth.

Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion

It can be challenging to navigate sustainable fashion at first, but understanding specific terms will make the process easier, and fast fashion is one you will hear about a lot. 

Fast fashion is often defined as cheap and trendy clothing inspired by celebrity culture or catwalks, and these garments are created at high speed to meet customer demand and are sold in various stores. This phenomenon is very problematic because it causes extensive damage to our planet, exploits workers, and harms animals. While fast fashion will allow shoppers to access the newest styles quickly, it's a dangerous cycle that leads to overproduction and pollution. This concept plays into a scarcity mentality when it comes to fashion, and convinces consumers to buy the latest looks to remain relevant before the trend becomes obsolete.

On the other hand, slow fashion encourages shoppers to be aware of the processes and resources related to their clothes, so consumers can be more aware of their purchases and their effects on the environment. It’s a different approach that is the opposite of fast fashion and encourages the purchase of better-quality garments that will last longer. This principle also values the fair treatment of people, animals and our planet and is a movement everyone should jump on board with.

Purposeful, “Slow” Fashion

The next time you grab a piece of clothing while shopping, stop to think about your purchase, where it came from, and what its impact is on the company’s workers and the environment. You may view clothing differently now that you’re aware of sustainable fashion. Consider clothes that will last longer, and have a positive impact. With this knowledge in mind, you can begin searching for brands that espouse the principles that align with “slow” and sustainable fashion. These purchases will not only look and feel more comfortable, but they will also make feel great emotionally! It’s an empowering feeling to know that you are consciously making impactful decisions as a consumer, helping to continue the pushback against fast fashion. Don't fall for trends—shop for brands that will match your personal values and style. When in doubt, purchase clothing you can re-wear, recycle and resell and focus on building a capsule wardrobe as this will allow you to have a sustainable closet for life.

Ethical and Sustainable Women’s Clothing

Ecolove cares deeply about our planet, which is why we are committed to making ethical and sustainable women's clothing. We use energy-efficient equipment and eco-friendly certified fabrics so that you can place your trust in our company. If you want to look great while feeling good about your fashion purchases, come and shop with us today!