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April 20, 2022 3 min read

Dressing your body type is very important because your outfit will be a lot more flattering and look and feel great. To do this successfully, you have to understand your body type, as this will allow you to build the perfect wardrobe, which will consist of clothes you love.

We all have different body types, and if you want to know more about yours, there are four body measurements you need to consider, including your shoulders, waist, bust and hips. These numbers will help you determine the shape of your frame, so get a measuring tape and start measuring!

Once you have your measurements, you will then be able to determine your body type, and most women will fall into one of the following five categories:

Apple-shaped Body

Those who are curvy and have a less defined waist will likely be an apple shape, and tops that accentuate the shoulders, neckline or bust would be most flattering. Jackets and blazers are also great because they will add structure and shape, as would high-waisted pants, so invest in these as well.

Pear-shaped Body

You are likely a pear shape if your hips are broader than your shoulders, and you have to focus on clothes that will balance out your overall silhouette. Choose tops that accentuate your top half, and don’t be afraid of bright colours or prints. Peplum tops are wonderful because these will define your waist and square necks are also great as they will show off your collarbone.

Hourglass Body

Those who have a defined waist with shoulders and hips that are fairly balanced are likely an hourglass shape, and both fitted and structured tops will look great on this frame. In terms of a jacket, you have to figure out what you want to highlight, as this will help you select the perfect fit. Some jackets will highlight your waist, while others will highlight your curves or your legs, so determine what you want to show off and choose a jacket accordingly. Select pants that will showcase your waist, and a wrap or fit-and-flare dress would look great.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You are likely an inverted triangle if your shoulders are broader than your hips, and you need to choose tops that will allow your neckline and hips to stand out. In terms of a jacket, you should focus on pieces that add volume near your hips, as this would help balance out your frame, and when selecting jeans, you need to find a pair that will add volume and curves to your lower half.

Rectangle Body Shape

Those whose four measurements are uniform are likely a rectangle because they will have a straighter build and the best thing about this body shape is that you will get to choose which assets you want to play up. If you want to create the appearance of curves, for example, you can purchase tops that will accentuate your top half, and your jeans should complement the silhouette of your blouse or shirt, as this will help you create a look that is proportional.

Ecolove offers high-quality clothing that is perfect for every body type, and our clothes will make you look and feel great. If you’re interested in updating your wardrobe, view our selection of clothes today!