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Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit and look great? Tired of buying clothes that fit differently after you wash them? 

I’m like you!

That's why I design versatile, sustainable, size inclusive clothing.  Each item is pre-washed so it will look, feel and fit the same after washing!  I promise you will love them even after you wash them.

The secret truth behind ecolove...

After graduating from the Ryerson with my Fashion Design Degree I was eager to start my first real job.  Little did I know I was part of the fast fashion industry.  After nearly a decade working for fast fashion, and working with overseas and domestic production facitilies.  I realized the deep flaws in the industry. 

My grandmother unknowingly funded me…

5 months into my pregnancy, my grandmother passed away.  She was the one who taught me how to sew.  She always supported my dream of being a fashion designer, and even helped teach me more sewing skills to help me create my portfolio for university. 

When my son was born I could not afford to go back to work, my salary would not even cover half of the costs of daycare!  

My grandmother had left me $10,000 in her will, and I thought it was only fitting to use the money to start my own company. 

ecolove is not my first company…

While at home with my newborn I created a company called Kosi Sacz. A convertible car seat sack that I filed a patent for myself.

Business was great!  It was not my passion but good and let me work from home while I was with my son. 

Eventually some huge mass production chains started knocking off my product, changing it just enough that fighting for my patent would be challenging.

Knowing that it would be a huge costly and stressful battle, with a slim chance of winning, I decided to bow out gracefully and go back into the workforce again now that my son was older daycare costs were much more reasonable.

I almost changed careers. I needed a change.

After going back to work for a local manufacturing company, I was thrilled to land a job working for Shannon Passero at an ethical company Neon Buddha.  I spent 5 years there managing the design team.  Then the company had some big changes and the design office moved to Montreal.  I had a decision to make  - move my family or figure out something else.

With the encouragement of my husband Neal

ecolove was born!

I focused on creating a company that put sustainability at the heart of it, and making sure I could feel good about what I was creating.  I wanted to change the world one garment at a time.

Putting people + planet first since 2017