About Us

Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit and look great? Tired of buying clothes that fit differently after you wash them? 

I’m like you!

That's why I design versatile, sustainable, size inclusive clothing.  Each item is pre-washed so it will look, feel and fit the same after washing!

The secret truth behind ecolove...

Believe it or not but I spent much of my career working for fast fashion companies.  After graduating from Ryerson my first job was 100%  fast fashion - not that I realized it at the time.

After almost a decade in the industry I needed to work for a better company.

I was thrilled to start working for an ethical clothing brand: Neon Buddha.  Working directly under Shannon Passero and being able to manage the whole design team was a great opportunity.  

In 2016 Neon Buddha announced it was moving its design studio out of province which became a blessing in disguise.  

Ecolove was born!

My husband Neal has always been my biggest supporter,  for years he had been telling me I should create my own line.  When Neon buddha moved it's office, Neal told me this was the perfect time to go for it.

So I went to work focusing on creating a brand built on ethics, transparency and sustainability.

Putting planet + people first since 2016.

Jennifer Armstrong