The ecolove Story

Designing clothes to change the world
one garment at a time

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As a Ryerson Fashion design graduate and experienced designer I was working for Neon Buddha working directly under Shannon Passero managing the design team.

In 2016 I got news from the owner that would change my career.  Neon Buddha was moving its design studio out of Ontario. That day I was given a choice: I could keep my job and move my family or figure out a new plan. We decided to stay in Niagara with our friends and family.

ecolove was born!

I was committed to creating something that had a positive impact.  That's why making clothing that is eco-friendly and sustainable is at the heart of ecolove. All my clothes are hand-made and I work hard to achieve zero waste by using left over material in other designs or to create fun accessories.

ecolove is for women of all sizes.  I hope I can inspire women to be confident in their own skin - and of course, their outfits.

That day in 2016 our world changed for the better. Now I get to do what I love and follow my dreams while working with my family and friends. A special thanks to my husband Neal for being my biggest supporter and my best sales person!